Are you a big fan of Tepanyaki?
Try this restaurant one minute away from Leidse Square.

The Restaurant is quite large, so dining here will not be that intimite.
There are 2 tables for Tepanyaki (each 8-10 persons max) and a dozen tables for eating sushi.

This time we choosed the Tepenyaki and that was an excellent choice!
There are several menu’s to choose from, but you can also order à la carte.
I can certainly recommend the lobster, but also menu Takeda is a good pick, with delicious salmon and chateau briand.
From my experience, Japanese restaurants are great in preparing delicious food, but when it comes to drinks, not really…
The wine list is too small and the quality isn’t that great either.
That dining here is more focussed on the food, is also visible in the way the staff is helping you.
They are really friendly and helpfull, but don’t come to your table to ask if you would like another drink.
Dispute of this minus point, I would still truly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a good place for a delicious Tepanyaki experience.
The food is not cheap, but the chef will make sure it’s worth every euro!