Coffeeshop siberie is situated on the beautiful Brouwersgracht, this 28-year-old coffeeshop has a laid back style and a delicious menu. As a starter I took the mystic haze (bio) for about 10 euro’s a gram. Bio always tastes a little bit sour to me, but at least you know they didn’t add to much growing enhancers. After that it was time for  hash. Warme oortjes was the choice for around 13 euro’s a gram. It had a real sweet smell and when lit, the whole room wished they had a puff of this! The music they played was a mix of reaggae/hip-hop. We sat at the big table with 5 people, the shop is large enough to hold around 25-30 persons. The only thing they should do is turn the lighting down more, that would make the ambiance a bit more comfy.

Picture courtesy of coffeeshopmenus