[heading style=”1″]Chocolate lovers meet with the best chocolate makers and taste the quality of ‘fine or flavour’ and sustainable chocolate.[/heading]

The variety of aromas in good cocoa comes to nearly 700. Only very few people know this. Aromas, like flowers, fruits, spices and nuts can be tasted in better chocolate, just like in wine or coffee. Once you experience the difference you know there can be so much more to your chocolate bar!

The Chocoa festival brings chocolate lovers to the best chocolate makers. Come and taste all sorts of sustainable chocolate. Learn to understand the richness of varieties, flavours and aromas, while developing your tasting skills.

Chocolate lovers of all ages are welcome to find out more about the origin, production and taste of chocolate. You can visit about 20 booths to discover their chocolate. Learn how to ‘slow’ taste chocolate, discover new kinds of chocolate and hear about Maricel Presilla’s experience with cocoa and chocolate in the kitchen. Join tastings and presentation, but also meet the chocolate makers and listen to their stories. They’ll reveal their specialties and explain all you’ve always wanted to know about chocolate…. And of course buy the special chocolate festival deals! There will be enough chocolate Easter eggs around for sure… Children are welcome, there will be a story teller and several other activities for younger children.

Come and taste the chocolate of el Sauco, Original Beans, Chocolatl, Tout Patisserie, Dutch Home Made, Pepper Mango and Chocoweb. But also chocolate maker Kees Raat of Metropolitan Deli, Arthur Tuytel, Van Velzen, Hotel Chocolat, Van der Burgh Chocolaad, Chocolaterie Alexandre, Hoja Verde, Anando and Chocodelic. Wine Matters will be present for the chocolate/wine combinations.


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Fees : PreSale: Entrance fee: € 10,- per person, € 15,- two people Children 4-17 half price. At the door: Entrance fee: € 12,50,- per person, € 20,- two people Children 4-17 half the price.