[heading style=”1″]On 23 & 24 March the Amsterdam East district will open their doors to the public: theaters, museums, clubs, shops and sights will have special events !!! The ideal opportunity to discover what Amsterdam East has to offer![/heading]

24H Amsterdam Oost: Throughout 2013, 24H is exploring all corners of Amsterdam. Its second edition stops off in the district of Oost, presenting all that the area has to offer in a blistering 24-hour period. Be you an old Amsterdammer, new to the city, or a passing tourist, the area’s theatres, museums, clubs, shops and many other famously Amsterdam institutions will open their doors and throw up some special surprises – perfect if you live in the neighbourhood or are just keen to enjoy new experiences east of the Amstel.

Program Saturday March 23th

From 12:00: Hermitage Amsterdam (Amstel 51)
Renowned Dutch trumpeter Eric Vloeimans and accordionist Tuur Florizoone will fill Hermitage Amsterdam with music to open 24H Oost.
Performances at 12:00; 12:30; and 13:00

12:00 – 01:00: Lloyd Hotel & Culturele Ambassade (Oostelijke Handelskade 34)
A fine selection of snacks and drinks will be served all day long in the Lloyd Hotel. Prices start at 2.50 euros.

12:00 – 15:00: Oostpoort (Linnaeusstraat 213)
The new residential project in Amsterdam Oost opens its doors to the entire city. Explore the shops, sport, culture, cafés, restaurant and fun activities that are available in the area.

From 12:00: TukTuk Sightseeing (Piet Heinkade 11)
You may have seen Amsterdam whizzing past you as you ride a bike, but you can also explore Amsterdam Oost from the alternative comfort of the back of a TukTuk. For the full 24-hours of 24H Oost you can take a TukTuk ride or tour for 2.50 euros

From 12:00: Tropenmuseum tours (Mauritskade 63)
Dive head first into a world of diverse cultures and Dutch colonial history. In these special tours within the Tropenmuseum you can see special murals, statues and ornaments.
Tours at 12:00; 12:30; and 15:00

12:00 – 04:00: Food Film Festival at Studio/K (Timorplein 62)
During the Food Film Festival you can learn about the world of food in the broadest possible sense. As well as the film screenings there are food workshops, a quiz and a fantastic food market that invites farmers, caterers, bakers and other producers to show off their products and tell their story

From 12:00: Koos Kneus Poppentheater (Iepenplein 40)
The puppet theatre hosts a family performance about a hare and a rabbit. Kids can immerse themselves in the characters via face painting, costumes and nibbling on carrots.

12:00 – 14:00: Running IJburg (IJburglaan 434)
Learn about running technique, efficient breathing and injury prevention, with a dedicated trainer from Team 10 telling you all you need to know to get the most out of running – from the warm-up to cool-down.

12:00 – 14:00: The Thinking Hut (Mauritskade 55c)
Looking for an inspiring, creative place to work? Today some of the creative members of The Thinking Hut will tell you more about this project. Of course, you can also just admire how this old Amstel Beer stable was transformed into a space for creative entrepreneurs.
Register by emailing Isaac@thethinkinghut.com.

From 12:00: Restaurant De Kas (Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3)
This restaurant, which grows its own produce in a garden and greenhouse, has an exceptional reputation. This weekend, during special tours, the chef and gardener share their culinary secrets – and a snack.
Tours at 12:00; 13:00; 14:00; 15:00; and 16:00.

From 12:00: Roeicentrum Berlagebrug (Weesperzijde 1094)
Rowing in Amsterdam is a special sporting experience and this rowing centre will offer introductory classes that take you along the Amstel past Hortus Botanicus and Artis. Naturally a qualified rowing instructor will be on each boat.
Register by emailing roeicentrum@oost.amsterdam.nl. Price: 12.50 euros (pre-registered) / 15 euros (on the day).

12:00 – 16:00: University Sports Centre Universum (Science Park 306)
Fitness and games for the kids, including obstacle course and large games of tag.
Price: 6 euros.

12:00 – 17:30: Stichting Schaakschool Indische Buurt (Sumatraplantsoen)
Whether you’re an old hand or new to chess, this chess school aims to show the fun side of the game today.
Register by emailing mustaphajarmouni@hotmail.com.

12:00 – 17:00: Vintage Market (Javaplein)
A trip back in time around the old Badhuis. Find unique and affordable furniture from the fifties and sixties, vintage lamps, dishes, clothes, records, books and art. Hosted by Jansen Vintage.

12:00 – 17:00: Green fingers at Speeltuin Frankendael (Fizeaustraat 37)
Amsteldorp Actief and Speeltuin Frankendael are organising a ‘green’ weekend. Plant flowers, swap seeds and learn about the importance of bees from a dedicated beekeeper.

12:00 – 18:00: Stichting Beehive Cruqius (Cruqiusweg 79b)
Take a look behind the scenes of this creative workspot, which is an old warehouse full of shipping containers transformed into artist studios. There will also be art workshops for the kids

12:00 – 18:00: De Kraal (Laing’s Nekstraat 44)
Ateliers LN 44 are organising this Open Studios weekend. Take the opportunity to view drawings, paintings and other artworks by local artists, as well as have a chat with the participating artists.

12:00 – 19:00: Hotel Arena exhibition (‘s-Gravesandestraat 51)
Admire the best entries of the ‘I Love Oosterpark’ photo contest. Naturally the Jan Wolkers sculpture, duck-feeding place and green jogging routes will be represented.

From 12:00: Gassan Diamonds (Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173-175)
Amsterdam is renowned for being a ‘City of Diamonds’ and during free tours of Gassan Diamonds (throughout the day), you can learn all about carats, colours, clarity and cuts, as well as the broader history of Amsterdam and diamonds.

12:00 – 20:00: Mediamatic Fabriek (Van Gendthallen, VOC-kade 10-12)
Take a tour of the project ‘Freezing Favela’, a homebrew pop-up town that features a toasty factory, sauna, vodka distillery and hummus restaurant. Visitors this weekend can also enjoy vodka-making, cute ponics and sample food from the Mediamatic farm.
Price: 5 euros

12:00 – 22:00: Haak-In recycling experiences (Molukkenstraat 68-70)
What comes next for plastic bags? At this recycling gallery anything is seemingly possible, including scarves, handbags and everyday utensils. Find out how it happens. There’s no entry price, but do take along a coloured plastic bag of your own.
Register by emailing corrievanhuisstede@gmail.com (before 22 March).

From 12:00 (full 24 hours): Outline (Oetwalerstraat 73)
A strange and hallucinatory 24H performance. A sitcom hosted by a freak, there’s a host of performances by local poets, artists and musicians.

From 13:00: ARCAM film screenings (Prins Hendrikkade 600)
On the southern bank of the River IJ there’s now a great deal of space for living, work and culture, but this redevelopment was a huge project. The film ‘The Rediscovery of the IJ’ (De herontdekking van het IJ) visually presents these changes since 1987.
Film screenings at 13:00; 14:00; 15:00; and 16:00.

13:00 – 13:45: Studio/theatre beside playground Gerardus Majella (Tidorestraat 172)
Especially for kids aged 3-10, Dansproducties Angoramuis is hosting musical workshops, costumes, make-up and acting workshops, culminating the performance of a short play.
Register by emailing angora@angoramuis.com or between 12:30 – 12:45 at the location.

From 13:00: Artis Bibliotheek tours (Plantage Middenlaan 45)
Learn all about this historic library building and its contents, maintained by the University of Amsterdam. During special presentations you can view key pieces from the collection, including books, letters and watercolour paintings.
Presentations at 13:00; 14:00; and 15:00. Register by emailing j.mulder1@uva.nl (before 23 March).

14:00 – 15:00: Hermitage Amsterdam lecture (Amstel 51)
This lecture in the auditorium will help you form a vivid picture of St. Petersburg, with special attention on the greats of Russian literature and travel texts.

14:00 – 15:00: Running event (Muziektent, Oosterpark)
Hardlopen Amsterdam hosts a dedicated running clinic. Learn how to improve your technique, speed and comfort.
Register by emailing hardlopenamsterdam@gmail.com. Price: 3 euros.

14:00 – 21:00: Mini Street Art Festival (Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4)
During the Mini Street Art Festival there will be an exhibition of street art, live music and marketplace. There are also live art demonstrations and until 16:30 there are also workshops for kids.
Register for workshops by emailing anne@casa400.nl.

15:00 – 16:00: Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Piet Heinkade 1)
Entertainment for the full family. Kids from 7 years and up can make a playful racket in Muziekgebouw’s Sound Playground.

From 16:00: De Appel tour and entertainment (Prins Hendrikkade 142)
Artist Jasper Krabbé leads a guided tour of the exhibitions of Dirk Braeckman and Zarina Bhimji. In the basement of the arts centre there’s live music, a film screening and food and drink (until 23:45).
Register for tour by emailing reservation@deappel.nl.

17:30 – 22:30: Hotel Arena dining (‘s-Gravesandestraat 51)
Reserve a spot and tuck into a special three-course dinner made with delicious products sourced from Amsterdam Oost.
Reserve by emailing events@hotelarena.nl. Price: 33.50 euros (per person).

20:15 – 21:30: Krugerplein experiment
Take part in an urban technology experiment by exploring the potential of augmented reality with your smart phone.

20:40 – 23:00: Jaap Edenhal IJsbaan (Radioweg 64)
Ice, Ice, baby! It’s an ice disco at the famous ice rink. Up to 500 people permitted but speed skates aren’t allowed.
Price: 5.90 euros

From 21:00: Camping Zeeburg party (Zuider IJdijk 20)
A fun dance party with a gnome theme, with music, dancing, tastings and maybe a bit of face painting.

21:30 – 22:00: Canvas op de 7e tour (Wibautstraat 150)
A short tour and presentation in the basement of the Volkskrantgebouw building, also offering a snapshot idea of the future of the building.
Register by emailing alex@canvas7.nl (by 23 March).

22:00 – 03:00: Canvas op de 7e party (Wibautstraat 150)
An international-themed dance party showcasing hip-hop, moombahton, electro and dubstep tunes from around the globe. With DJs Denver and Makina.
Price: 8 euros

22:00 – 04:00: Hotel Arena party (‘s-Gravesandestraat 51)
A fun dance party with a good cause. Stichting Monkey Business celebrates its 10th birthday with proceeds helping to save the orang-utans of Borneo and Sumatra.
Price: 12.50 euros / 10 euros (advance)

23:00 – 07:00: Trouw Amsterdam party (Wibautstraat 127)
Dance the night away at club evening SWTBOX. Techno and electro tunes are provided by DJs Aril Brikha, Kompakt, Transmat, Stockholm and Nuno Dos Santos.
Price: 15 euros / 8 euros (before midnight)

Program Sunday March 24th 

08:00 – 10:00: Artis Royal Zoo breakfast (Plantage Kerklaan 40)
It’s not every day that you get to shake off the shackles of sleep by having breakfast in Artis, but today, in the flamingo conservatory you can do just that. It’s also a great opportunity to experience the morning rituals that take place in the zoo.
Reserve via www.artis.nl/bezoekersinfo/agenda/ontwaken-artis (before 24 March). Price: 10 euros (including zoo entry).

From 09:00: Food Film Festival at Studio/K (Timorplein 62)
During the Food Film Festival you can learn about the world of food in the broadest possible sense. As well as the film screenings there are food workshops, a quiz and a fantastic food market that invites farmers, caterers, bakers and other producers to show off their products and tell their story.

From 10:00: Amsterdam Heritage Days
In this first 2013 edition of Amsterdam Heritage Days, the focus is on the birth and rapid growth of Amsterdam’s canals, and the 17th-century architecture, interiors and lifestyles that emerged with them. Explore important buildings, monuments and private homes.

10:00 – 12:00: Street Art brunch (Hotel Casa 400, Eerste Ringdijkstraat 4)
Sweet eats and tasty drinks for all ages, while local artists from Amsterdam Street Art create live art and collaborate with guests.
Register by emailing anne@casa400.nl (before 21 March). Price: 10 euros (adults) / 5 euros (children).

11:00 – 12:00: Tropenmuseum tour (Mauritskade 63)
Dive head first into a world of diverse cultures and Dutch colonial history. In these special tours within the Tropenmuseum you can see special murals, statues and ornaments.
Register before 22 March by emailing reserveren@tropenmuseum.nl (include date and time).

11:00 – 12:00: Pleintheater (Sajetplein 39)
During this brunch buffet you can catch an excerpt from ‘X-show’ plus other performance pieces.
Register by emailing reserveren@pleintheater.nl (before 22 March). Price: 15 euros.

From 11:00: Pure Markt (Oosterpark)
Enjoy quality food and drinks at this renowned ecological market that promotes sustainable products.


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