20-07-2012 | The introduction of the weedpass next year will lead to vacanties in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. According to Jan Goos, president of the Association for Cannabis Retailers (BCD).

The impending introduction of the weedpass on January 1 provides a busy summer in Amsterdam’s coffee shops this year. The arrival of the pass was also outside our country big news and makes many European weed lovers come over for their “last chance” to come and benefit.

The fun will all be over soon, says Goos. “This will be the death of our tolerance.” Goos expects that in the city center, most coffeeshops will have to close their doors when they are not being allowed to sell cannabis to foreigners.

More than a quarter of the over six million annual foreign visitors will visit a coffeeshop during their stay in Amsterdam, according to figures from the Amsterdam Tourism & Convention Board (ATCB). Outside the city center coffee shops fear for their survival. A study of a coffeeshop in the north side of Amsterdam among its customers shows that only ten percent of the customers are willing to be registered after January 1th.

Amsterdam is now discussing with the minister for a special status. The municipality fears major consequences for public order as the marijuana trade will be moved to the street because of this pass.

(source: parool.nl)

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