23-07-2012 | Since 2011 it’s possible in Amsterdam to “grab” one of the 300 electric smart cars which are parked at designated places. All you have to do is register and become a member. Membership costs are €9,90 and you can register at Oude Spiegelstraat 6a.

You can find a car2go via a car2go-app or via their website. Otherwise you’ll certainly find one near you. About 300 are driving around and in Amsterdam. The card reader behind the front windscreen tells you if the car is free. Green light means free. Red is occupied. You don’t need to reserve a car, but this is of course possible. Even up to 15 minutes beforehand.

Hold your membership card in front of the card reader. The card reader is behind the front windscreen on the driver’s side. You unlock the car with this and can now step in.

Remove the ignition key from the holder by entering your PIN code and to judge the condition of your car2go. Start and… drive off. Have to do some shopping nearby? Visit friends on the other side of town? You drive around free within the operating area of car2go.

You can always park free anywhere with your car2go. As long as there is a space the municipality allows and you observe the law. You don’t have to look for a fixed parking place. You can also use several parking places at 6 Q-Park branches.

Reached your destination? Just park your car on a place that suits you. You don’t have to take your car back to a fixed depot.

You pay per minute. Everything is included in the price per minute. Costs for serving, cleaning, repairs, electricity, parking, insurance, road tax and the navigation system. The minute price is even lower whilst parking.

rental price per minute whilst driving € 0,29
rental price per hour whilst driving € 12,90*
rental price per day whilst driving € 39,00*
rental price per minute whilst parking € 0,09
registration costs € 9,90