21-06-2012 | To avoid an overload on pedicabs in Amsterdam the municipality has decided to decrease the amount of these cycling taxi’s. From April next year there will be a maximum of 100 pedicabs in the city in order to limit the sprawl and nuisance.

A company may now have up to 25 bicycle taxis. And drivers are met with stricter requirements. This sets the city council. There may be badges for the drivers and they’ll have to pass a language test and traffic test.

The centre is too small for the approximately 150 bicycle taxis that are now driving. They block the passages and the probability of collisions increases. There is harassment and violations. Many drivers, often from Eastern Europe, speak bad Dutch. And also permits are illegally copied.

Wojciech Szwajcowski, Director of Cycling Taxi Amsterdam, welcomed the extra demands increase.

Source: Parool.nl