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Monthly archive January, 2012

Happy birthday to the Queen!

Today it’s the queen her birthday. She’s now 74 years old. This makes her officially the oldest reigning head of state that the Netherlands […]

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Valentines day 2012

Discover the romantic side of Amsterdam during valentines day! We selected a few of the things you could do with your […]

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The most common weed strains

The most common weed strains: White widow: The White Widow is a white weed species and one of the strongest types with lots of THC. It’s a cross between the Indian indica and Brazilian Sativa. […]

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Loving fashion? Join the Amsterdam Fashion week from January 25 till January 29.

Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW) started in 2004 as an initiative to put Amsterdam on the map as a sparkling and […]

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Jumping Amsterdam 2012

    For all you horse lovers out there! From Thursday January 19th till Sunday January 22th there’s a big horsejumping […]

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Artis welcomes tapir born at New Years Eve

      It is a male and has a big belly from drinking. They live mainly in Brazil, Argentina,Venezuela, Colombia and Paraguay. Their food consists mainly of fruit, grass, leaves and aquatic plants. Much of the […]

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Spring has started!

    Since the temperatures are much higher than usual for this time of the year the early spring bloomers […]

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