The most common weed strains:

White widow:

The White Widow is a white weed species and one of the strongest types with lots of THC. It’s a cross between the Indian indica and Brazilian Sativa. Halfway the nineties a legend was born, White Widow almost instantly appeared on every list of every coffeeshop menu in the Netherlands. The popularity of the white widow is not only due to the name. The white widow is particularly known for its high THC content. White Widow is also popular with growers because of its high yield. The female White Widow grows fast and thick buds. The taste and smell of White widow can be described as: sweet and sharp. The effect can best be described as heavily stoned.



Power Plant:

Powerplant (mostly Sativa) was developed in 1997 from new South African genetics. This strain has been inbred only and very rich in THC. A very popular species in the Netherlands mainly in cutting to obtain. This is definitely one of the most commonly cultivated species in the Netherlands because it is a very strong great stress-free and easy plant species that still a ‘low’ shrub provides the user. Power Plant is very fast to flower and produces reliable, heavy harvests large compact buds. This Indica-dominant ganja has a recessive Sativa influence which genetic effect, adding a nice high to an incredibly strong stoned feeling.



Northern Light:

Northern Light is a variety of cannabis developed in California  in the 60’s that was introduced in the Netherlands and is the basis for the current cannabis. The plant is mainly of cannabis Indica type. Northern Lights is one of the strongest types of weed. Northern Light  is really a success, the good yield, taste and high combined together form a great new product. Many have loved him for his strong effects, others to the distinctive scent. Northern Light X has a mild spicy flavor.





This species is one of the first who has the same potency of the powerful import hashish in coffeeshops. Reliable all-round performance makes this one of the top strains for growers, very popular with both large and small growers. Easy to grow and clone. Super Skunk is easier to cut than the ‘white’ species. Yields can be lucrative. Still famous for its potent flavor and strong high.





K2 is very strong cannabis-type, popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. K2 is kind of older and well known by the commercial marijuana growers. Easy to grow and yield a lot of THC. It is a relatively compact plant forming tight buds. Not the best weed.






First created in the mid-western United States and then brought to the Netherlands for further development. Bubble gum has strong growth and high THC content. A plant with many round rock-hard tops. If you smoke it has a sweet odor and taste. Sometimes they leave the taste of chewing gum when you smoke it





Orange bud:

Orange Bud is from California and is by many marijuana growers selected for its orange flavor and orange hairs. Orange Bud is at all times easy to clone and grow. Under ideal conditions, large crop of good quality are obtained. Gives you a mild high.






Female B-52 is quick flowering with huge marijuana buds thanks to the junction with Big Bud. B-52 has a nice sweet taste and gives you a  long ‘stoned’ in which it almost knocks you out. B-52 is a truly superior Skunk hybrid. Not for the novice user.






Female Ice plants are a unique combination of quality and give good yield. The genetics of Ice are a mix of Afghani, a special skunk, NLX and Shiva. After selection of thousands of plants there was this legendary weed. Ice peaks are covered with thousands of crystals and have rock hard buds. Ice has a strong effect and the smell is strong.




Super silver haze:

Super Silver Haze is not a ‘white’ haze weed species but like the name says Super Silver Haze is one of the strongest weed species. The genetics of this plant consists of Skunk, Northern Light and Haze. The aroma of the marijuana plant is difficult to describe, let’s say: a strange pine scent with a gasoline odor.





Amnesia haze:

Amnesia Haze is a familiar kind of haze in the Netherlands. It is sold in many shops.  Amnesia is very popular among the ‘haze’ lovers. Amnesia is a well-known cannabis variety for professional growers. Amnesia Haze has a sharp and sour taste. The effect of this haze strikes quickly and is especially pretty strong mentally and even experienced smokers recognize this. The color is light green and all along the bud it has orange brown hairs with a lot of THC.