Today it’s the queen her birthday. She’s now 74 years old. This makes her officially the oldest reigning head of state that the Netherlands ever had.

The Queen holds the record of the oldest Dutch monarch  since November. King William III was the former record holder, he died in 1890 as reigning monarch when he was 73 years and 277 days old. On April 30th the Queen is 32 years in power. Her mother, Queen Juliana, was just a little less time on the throne in 1980 when she handed over the office to her then 42-year-old daughter.

There is growing speculation about an imminent resignation of the Queen and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander rising to the power. Reportedly, the Queen will remain on power for a little time longer, because the political situation has become more difficult by PVV leader Geert Wilders. She would like to save her son from tricky formations and furthermore do not want to let her be bullied away.

The Queen is still very active. Last month she brought a state visit to the United Arab Emirates and Oman. While the Queen was there she visited a few mosques and following the dress code that was wearing a scarf over her head, led to much criticism of Wilders. She would encourage the oppression of women with her choice of clothing. “Real nonsense” the queen let slip. Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD) supported her in this view.

In politics they are considering to reduce the role of head of state when her son takes over the throne.









Queen Beatrix during her coronation.


Source: Elsevier