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Good news for French fries lovers and weed lovers!!

[heading style=”1″] A tasty but questionable Dutch culinary contribution is patat, the Dutch word for frites, chips or french fries [/heading] Good […]

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About Coffee shop

[heading style=”1″]About Coffee Shop[/heading] The rules and the way it goes in coffeeshops. By entering a coffeeshop you must be […]

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Which hash

[heading style=”1″]Which Hash[/heading] Which hash: Afghani: Production: The plants which are used for Hash production are very small and bushy […]

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The Cannabis Cigar

A pure cannabis cigar is perhaps the ultimate joint and a must for the rich, famous and well connected. Using […]

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The Windmill

A smoke-cooling chamber and multiple joint holder, the Windmill is designed to get you spinning in the breeze. Although it’s […]

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The Nose Cone

The bigger, balder, bastard brother of the Tulip (try saying that after you’ve smoked one). It takes some effort to […]

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The Tulip Joint

An Amsterdam specialty, the tulip is often found (usually half-smoked) in the hands of an unconscious tourist. A good tulip […]

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The Diamond Joint

Once mastered, the joint rolling technique opens a realm of possibilities for weird and wonderful creations. The Diamond is a […]

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The Flaming Back-Flip

Guaranteed to impress with it’s pyrotechnics, the Backflip makes use of the minimum of paper and is easy-going on the […]

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