Guaranteed to impress with it’s pyrotechnics, the Backflip makes use of the minimum of paper and is easy-going on the lungs. Prepare for instant kudos or instant embarrassment, This is a tricky one.

Stick two papers together with the gummed strip forming a straight line.
Take a third paper and fold it in half, leaving the gummed strip on the outside.
Wet the gum and sandwich the folded paper firmly between the other two skins, as shown.
Before the gum dries carefully pull out the third paper. It should leave enough gum behind to stick the other two papers together.
Gently ‘roast a cigarette over a moving flame until the papers goes brown. This should ‘burn-off’ some of the tar and nicotine.
Add the mix to the REVERSE of the papers, keeping the gummed strip facing DOWN and AWAY from you.
Roll the joint in reverse with the glue on the OUTSIDE. Seal the joint, leaving the excess paper on the outside. N.B. This takes some practice.
Now for the finale. As soon as you have sealed the joint, light the excess paper at the roach. Hold the joint upright and let the flame burn away the unwanted paper as it travels up the joint. If you are lucky the joint should self- ignite. Bud-a-bing! Kudos is yours!