[heading style=”1″] A tasty but questionable Dutch culinary contribution is patat, the Dutch word for frites, chips or french fries [/heading]

Good news for French fries lovers and weed lovers!!
Fries with Mayonaise, curry, ketchup…  as if there was not enough choice, but from Thursday there will be a very special bag of fries for sale in Amsterdam: Fries with weed sauce!!  A portion of French fries with a light green sauce with pieces of leaf in it with a strong aftertaste of weed.
The creaters call it ‘The weed sauce is a flavorful sauce with the unmistakable taste of weed’. They are pleased with their invention:. “On the Damrak you can smell the weed regularly and that inspired us’. They thought that a weed sauce already exist, but they are the first one with the weed sauce on the market and they are proud to annouce that it will be on the market from this thursday on!!