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Parkeer & Reis (Park & Travel) is the smartest way for visitors of Amsterdam to park. These car parks are located on the outskirts of the city and have an excellent public transport connection. Public transport brings you right into the center of Amsterdam in no time. Plus they are really big and mostly have a spot for you, so you don’t have to look for a spot on the canals or streets of Amsterdam. Later on we will explain how to park in the city center of Amsterdam.

Parking in Amsterdam in a P+R car park only costs € 8,00 per 24 hours – with a maximum parking time of 96 hours. This fee includes public transport to the center of Amsterdam for a maximum of five people.

Of course you would like to park your car nearest the place you are staying, so we have a list for every district of Amsterdam.

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Park and Travel locations in Amsterdam:

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On Arrival:

1. Collect a car park ticket as you go in. Please don’t use a credit card at the entrance, it does not provide a P+R deduction.
2. Hand over your parking ticket to the P+R car park attendant and ask for a P+R chip card(s). The car park attendant will code your parking ticket and give you a free P+R chip card to use on public transport. (max. 5 persons)
3. Proceed to the OV hall and check in. For instructions on how to use the P+R chip  card see overleaf.
4. Don’t forget to check out when exiting the vehicle.
When visiting the city, be sure not to lose your P+R chip card! If you do not use your chip card, or use it incorrectly, you will no longer be entitled to a discount and will have to pay the normal parking fee. Please note: The P+R chip card is only valid for travelling to and from the P+R location and not for general use in the city centre.
Staying late in the city? Please note: The P+R tickets are not valid on the city’s night busses. On exiting, check what time the last bus, metro, tram or train departs.

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Parking your car in the city center:

Parking in the city center is also an option, but we wouldn’t recommend it because it’s really expensive and the parking spots are scarce. On the picture below you can see the prices of the area’s in Amsterdam. As you can see parking in the center will cost you €5,- an hour. The parking meters however are easy to use, and you can pay with bankcard or creditcard, actual money can’t be inserted. Make sure you do pay, because a fine will be on your window before you know it. The city collectors are out there with many! Parking on a Sunday is free except for the city center.

Clicking on the map below will open a larger map (pdf.) 

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If you are persistent to park in the city, we recommend you use on of the many parking garages in the city. But they are expensive. Below you can find all the carparks in Amsterdam. The prices vary with each carpark. The closer to the center, the more expensive they are.

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  • Bijenkorf – € 2,- for 21 minutes € 50,- a day (24/7)
  • Centraal station – € 5 a hour € 55 a day (24/7)
  • De Kolk – € 2,- for 21 minutes  € 50 a day (24/7)
  • Oosterdoks – € 1,50 for 20 minutes  € 20 a day (24/7)
  • Passenger Terminal – € 4 a hour € 48,50 a day (24/7)
  • Geelvinck – € 4,50 a hour € 45,- a day (Mo – Tu 07:00 – 02:00, Fr 07:00 – 06:00 Sat 09:00 – 06:00, Sun 09:30 – 02:00)
  • Prins Hendrikkade – € 5 a hour € 55 a day (24/7)
  • Stopera – € 0,50 for 8 minutes € 45,50 a day (24/7)
  • Waterlooplein – € 5,- a hour € 30,- a day (07:00 – 01:00)
  • The Bank – € 5,- a hour € 50,- a day (24/7)
  • Markenhoven –  € 4,- a hour € 48,50 a day (24/7) Closed now
  • Europarking – € 2,- for 26 minutes € 40,- a day (Mo -Tu 06:30 – 01:00, Fri – Sun 24/7)
  • Bryzantium – € 2,- for 21 minutes € 68,- a day (24/7)
  • Hoofdstad – € 4,50 a hour € 45,- a day (24/7)
  • Museumplein – € 2 for 21 minutes  € 48,- a day (Mo – Wed 07:00 – 01:00, Fr – Sun 07:00 – 02:30, Sun 07:00 – 01:00)
  • Heinekenplein – € 3,50 for 50 minutes € 38,00 a day (24/7)
  • Oostenburgereiland – € 2,50 a hour € 15,- a day (24/7)
  • Willemspoort – € 0,50 for 8 minuten € 45,50 a day (24/7)


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Please do not leave any valuables in your car! Leave your car with an open glove compartment and remove your car radio! 

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