A La Plancha is a nice small tapas restaurant in the Jordaan district. We booked a table on a Friday evening in advance just to be sure  and we were glad we did that. Plancha has only four tables with in total 12 seats and another 10 bar stools at the bar.

When you walk in, you forget you’re in Amsterdam and think you’re in a tapas bar in the middle of Spain. With toro’s everywhere, Spanish music and hams hanging on the wall you get the real Spanish eating experience.

We were sitting at our table and right away got a delicious amuse from the busy little Spanish waiter. He was working alone with just one cook in the kitchen. After we ordered a bottle of wine we asked to see the menu to pick our favorite tapas. However they don’t have a menu, you can choose either getting random tapas or make a choice from all the tapas presented on the bar. Just like they do in Spain! We had a few chicken tapas, some chorizo and off course patatas bravas. Everything tasted very good! At the end we got a shot of Licor 43, a real Spanish liquor. Always a good ending of a nice tasty evening! A funny thing I saw at the end of the evening, the nice Spanish music was produced by an iPod and a small (old) docking station. That’s a nice remarkable feature which divines the intimacy of this restaurant.

For a great Spanish tapas experience in a intimate atmosphere this is the place to be!