The Bijenkorf is located between the Dam square and Muntplein in the heart of the city.
It is a bustling thoroughfare, filled with souvenir shops, hotels, and restaurants.
Two famous buildings also make their home here: The Beurs van Berlage (the former stock exchange) and the famous Dutch department store called the Bijenkorf.

De Bijenkorf is a wonderful store where you can buy everything what you can think of for men, woman and children!
When I was a little girl I always went with my granny to the Bijenkorf so this shopping store feels like home!
The people who work here are very friendly, give you good advice and are very helpful.
The store is arranged in the usual way, with the first floor devoted to high-end cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry. On the other floors you will find designer clothing, books, furniture, kitchen supplies, the perfect gifts for friends and many more.
Of course I must mention the shop-in-shops in this review. I’m a huge fan and even if you don’t fancy famous brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Gucci it’s still worth watching these beautiful shop-in-shops.

Besides shopping you can also chill in the restaurant on the top floor or in the back on the ground floor.
The food quality is very good, somewhat expensive but a worthwhile experience.
Not everybody knows this but the Bijenkorf is so big that you can easily shop for 8 hours, to make it easy and relaxed for the customers they have lockers on the top floor where you can drop your heavy bags. Safe rental costs 2 euro, which is a deposit.