Oosterpark is one of the biggest parks in the East side of Amsterdam, comparable to the Vondelpark but a little smaller. This park is very popular by the local youngsters in Amsterdam who don’t want to go to the Vondelpark. Most of the people who visit the Oosterpark are living in the Eastern part of Amsterdam. The advantage of Oosterpark over Vondelpark is the kind of visitors. In Vondelpark there are more people from outside Amsterdam unlike the Oosterpark with only locals.

The Oosterpark has a good path for a running round with 1200 meters good to do you exercise.  There are several lawns to sit on and enjoy a drink with yours friends. On a sunny day, the park is always crowed with locals who’re drinking, eating and enjoy the local life with their friends. The big pond in the middle makes this park complete and a great place to chill in the Eastern part of Amsterdam.

Oosterpark has a few monuments for different reasons. One of these monuments is a stainless steel flame, revealed in 1992. This monument was designed for the literary movement in the eighties in Holland. Another popular monuments is “The Scream”. This monument is designed for the freedom of speech after the murder of writer Theo van Gogh, revealed in 2007.