Coffeeshop Baba is located on the corner at one of the red light districts main entrance.
My first thoughts when I walked into the coffeeshop was cozily furnished with an Asian temple style, but very commercial with all the souvenirs on the wall which you can buy and the music was terrible! This shop is for the novice tourist, who don’t smoke that much. Prices are trough the roof!
They played very loud techno music and the staff was extremely unkind, no smile or a friendly word at all. At one point she didn’t like the answer we gave her and she started trowing around astray on the table. haha..
Definitely not a pleasant shop where you can sit with your friends to chill. The coffee that we ordered tasted like shit, I was glad that we left quickly.

Al tough this is on of those tourist shops, they had a pretty decent menu. I ordered L.A. confidential for €16,-! It made me pretty stoned.

If you are in the neighborhood of the Warmoesstraat I would certainly recommend other coffeeshops. Coffeeshop Baba is one of the worst coffeeshop I visited.

Picture courtesy of coffeeshopmenus