Valentine’s Day Amsterdam… For some, the most exciting day of the year, for others it brings back more nightmares than the worst freaky horror film. Love it or hate it, avoiding it is probably not going to be an option. So why not make the most out of it?! For everybody who feels in-between and really doesn’t know what to come up with this year, here’s a short list of Valentine events:

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]Ice Skating[/highlight]
The romance of holding hands and ice skating together! Realistically, you’ll probably be falling all over the place and pulling each other down – but rosy cheeks become everyone and nothing is more gezellig !! at the Jaap Edenbaan.

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]Get married for a day[/highlight]
Faster than you can say ‘Britney Spears in Las Vegas’ you’ll be married and divorced again.Wed & Walk is a kiss-off to ’till death do us part’ as you part ways after one day. On Valentine’s Day itself, they supply the fairy tale dress, vintage jacket, plastic rings and bogus bouquets. It’s the ideal way to say those three magic words ‘I Lust You’ until the nuptials are null and void at dawn. Cost: 65 euros per couple. at the Wed & Walk.

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]Steal a kiss on the Magere Brug:[/highlight]
And head along to Amsterdam’s famous Magere Brug (Skinny Bridge) to steal a kiss with your loved one! Legend has it that couples who embrace on this beautiful little bridge over the River Amstel will be blessed with everlasting love.

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]L’Amour Toujours @ Bar Italia[/highlight]
There will be spinning 2 hot upcoming DJ’s to give you the best night of your life & maybe at the end of the night you will go home with the future Love of your life at Bar Italia !!

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]Flowermarket[/highlight]
Visit the Flowermarket – flowers are woman’s best friend, surprise your beloved with a bouquet of flowers.

[highlight bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#000000″]Valentine’s dinner[/highlight]
Take your special one to one of many good restaurants!

[heading bg=”#ff99c1″ color=”#ff99c1“]Happy valentine’s day !![/heading]