Coming winter light Amsterdam will be lighting up during her first Amsterdam Amsterdam Light Festival.
A cultural festival of light and water that will bring our beautiful city Amsterdam literally in the spotlight.

During the period from December 7th to January 20th 2013 the center of Amsterdam will  be lighting up with sculptures by contemporary (international) artists and are the building artistically lighted.

The main elements of this festival are:
Illuminade: Create a special evening stroll through Amsterdam in different places where you can watch light works. During this route lighting designers and lighting as an art center. The exhibition gives space to both established names as yet unknown talent on and on (young) artists in training

Boulevard of light: All buildings of cultural institutions with a public function on the Amstel, between Mint and Amstel Hotel, during the festival are on special or artfully lit. To keep the environment as a whole to shine all the bridges and the lock with the radiant center in particular the Skinny Bridge put light. This “Boulevard of Light” is the basis for six weeks of the festival

Socal light: Socialite emphasizes the nature of the festival in Amsterdam. Several projects involve Amsterdam of all ages and different parts in the shaping of the festival. Include: elementary school students make their own lampshades. These lampshades are a grid of LED lights hung on one of the squares and exhibited during the festival. And there is a competition organized by students from the city: who decorates his bike with the best lights?

Christmas canal parade: The winter parade is heated by the singing of choirs scattered along the route. Spectacular, magical, magical, beautiful (light) passing scenes on boats while on the quayside admiring the Christmas Canal Parade. A boat parade that guarantees a great night and you (and your family) in ultimate Christmas mood.

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Fees : Free