How many times do we all just wish we could go out in the big city and not have to worry about the rain and your hair, whether your makeup will last or whether you have enough gel to slick back your hair. Better yet, how many times do we wish that there was no dress code at the front door that requires Gucci shoes… Well it is finally here; Amsterdam is joining a new trend; the grande Pyjama party!

This Saturday, on March the 16th, ‘Het grote weerloos pyjama spektakel’ takes place at Canvas!

A night where casual is taken to a new extreme, where the theme is comfort to the max and the atmosphere is as cozy as that onesy we all had as kids! Wear any shoes, any pair of track pants, you can even boogie the night away with your favourite teddy bear or sip on your cocktail with your night blankie over your shoulder!

The catch is; if you wear pyjamas entrance fee is only 5 euro!

Canvas is a favourite among many Amsterdamers and the travellers coming in and out the city. This event is a must, just to see the crazy locals and even crazier visitors doing their best to dance in comfort!


For more information about Canvas, check out this review written by Maarten:

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Fees : €5 / €8