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  • Amsterdam is my city! It has it all and everybody is part of it. But who am I? My name is Maarten and I live in the southern part of Amsterdam. As a 34 year old marketeer I love to explore Amsterdam every single day. As you will see in my reviews I really enjoy every aspect of Amsterdam. It’s restaurants, the clubs and all the other fantastic things Amsterdam has to offer. I love spending my time with friends and since there’s never a dull moment in our capital, we are having a great time week in week out. I started this website with five of my friends because I really believe in its added value. When visiting a city, I don’t want all that standard shit. I want to experience a city like it is, the way locals ‘use’ the city. I hope you enjoy our website and please let us know if something is missing or incorrect to your opinion. Greetings, Maarten


This is the main park and biggest of Amsterdam, this is where all the locals hangout in their spare time. […]

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Amsterdam Arena Ajax

The Amsterdam Arena is situated just outside the city, but very good accessible by public transport. This will take you […]

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Restaurant Lieve

This restaurant is situated on the Herengracht, in the center of Amsterdam. The unique aspect of this restaurant is the […]

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Spanish restaurant Tasca Bellota

Every city has its hidden culinary secrets; Tasca Bellota is one of them in Amsterdam. This Spanish tapas restaurant is […]

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Whisky Café L and B

For over 35 years Whisky Café L & B Amsterdam is well known. With over 1400 whiskys this is an […]

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Restaurant Gent aan de Schinkel

This café and restaurant is well known and popular among youngsters in Amsterdam. The reason for their ‘success’ is probably […]

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Swimming pool Bad Buiten

If you’re looking for a nice place to chill near the water, I can recommend Bad Buiten. Bad Buiten is […]

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Bar Roest

Café Roest is a new venue in Amsterdam. It is located in the eastern part of the city. Roest has […]

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Restaurant Ponte Arcari

This Italian restaurant likes to call itself the smallest kitchen with the greatest taste. And it’s true! This restaurant is […]

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