The Orange Associations are deeply concerned about the health of Prince Friso and wonder whether it is still appropriate to celebrate Queensday this year which is in two months. Due to a ski accident in Lech the prince encountered severe brain damage. “He may never regain consciousness”, his doctors announced. Any recovery will take at least months if not years to complete. It now all depends of the RVD (National Information Authority) if they find it appropiate enough to give the green light for the celebrations.


Nevertheless, the festival in Amsterdam will attracting many people again this year. Because of the increasing popularity of visiting Amsterdam during this event there were some debates on wether to cancel some of the big parties. Where last year the festival of Radio 538, with its 60,000 visitors the city counsil thought this would be to crowded and the festival was cancelled.

On 30 April all throughout the Netherlands Queen’s Day festivities will again erupt. The queen herself will celebrate this event in the province of Utrecht. The center of Amsterdam on Queenday sits with 800,000 visitors to its absolute limit. Amsterdam itself can handle more than 800,000 visitors, but the dilemma is that on April 30, the festivities center around the Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and the canals. The city of Amsterdam is therefore lookin into the possibility of the activities on Queen’s part to move to other locations in the city.

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