Four coffee shops in the center will be shut down this Monday. One of the owners is suspected of international drug trafficking.

The municipality of Amsterdam closes the coffee shops under the Bibob law which allows municipalities to deny permits when the fear is justified that they will be used for criminal activities.

There are three Rokerij coffee shops, in the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, Singel and on the Elandsgracht. Coffee shop Big Fun will also be closed, opposite the Stopera. This coffee shop has to close because the owner of big fun allegedly has close ties with the owner of the Rokerij Coffee shops.

The last-mentioned is in custody. From police investigation revealed that in 2009 by the British Customs is caught with a cool trailer with 250 kilo’s of cannabis. He is also according to the police involved in two drug shipments that were intercepted near the German border, and the large amount of drugs was found in a shed in Alphen aan den Rijn.

The operator of Big Fun has ordered the closure challenged in court. She says the owner of the Rokerij Coffee shop has not much to do with her Big Fun.

(Source: Marc Kruyswijk,