27-07-2012 | Normally the cards are red, but during the nine-day Gay Pride event tickets will have pink colors. On the back of the cards is the We are proud logo.

With this action Cition (the parking company) wants to contribute their part in gay emancipation. “We want this action to emphasize that we value a life and working environment together in which everybody is equal” says Cition director Jørgen Weekers.

The pink tickets are in the period from 28 July to 5 August, but only a limited number of parking meters that are in the area where many activities take place for the gay pride. “Normally you are not required to put your ticket on the dashboard to show that you paid, cause you have to enter your license plate number in the machine. It would be nice if everyone who has a pink ticket from the machine places it in the car the old-fashioned way in front of the windshield. To show your support for a tolerant city.

(source: AT5)