30-07-2012 | We finally get our first Dutch Anne Frank film. The intention is that the film will be released in 2015.

Producer Paul Ruven was surprised that there has never been a released Dutch Anne Frank film.
Anne’s life is in all kinds of foreign film directors filmed, even in Hollywood, but nobody in the Netherlands until now has successfully produced her life into a film.
There are 3 official films about Anne Frank: The Diary of Anne Frank, Freedom Writers and L’Journal d’Anne Frank.

Film producer Paul Ruven ( winner of 3 golden calves ) is working on a feature film about the life of Anne Frank. His work should been seen around the 70th anniversary of Anne which would be in March 2015 in the cinemas.
According to the manufacturer it is the first Dutch film about the Jewish girl.
The producers are in conversation with the Anne Frank Foundation, which conducts research into new insights into the life of Anne on basis of recent statements of the last witnesses who have known her.
Ruven states that in his film a number of mistakes will be corrected, ” this will be the first correct and true film of the life of Anne Frank .”