If you are looking for a good market in Amsterdam, The Dappermarkt is a lovely market where the multicultural society of the Eastern part of Amsterdam comes together.
Personally I think it’s a great market to walk over it and strolling with the crowd, fortunately you won’t be disturbed by screaming marketeers.
The market is characterized by the many stalls selling fresh products such as fruit, fish and meat but also a wide range for clothes, flowers, home garden and kitchenware.

Around the market there are a few fashion shops, my favorite store Reward is definitely worth to take a look. They have the best jeans for a reasonable price.
For a quiet moment and to get a drink you can go to several cafes in and around the market.

Recently I live near the market, great to be there on a Saturday morning to buy fresh products and nice flowers or delicious cheese from Boer Geert.

See you at the Dappermarkt !!