Restaurant Wilde Zwijnen started in April 2010 and since then a good place to have a decent dinner. The restaurant is located on the Javaplein in the East part of Amsterdam and has a small terrace.
If you walk to the restaurant you don’t see big signs with Wilde Zwijnen on it. The owner has chosen for this approach to keep this a restaurant where you go because you know the place not because of its name. I think that’s a very good philosophy.
When you get inside you’ll notice the nice and white industrial interior with rough wooden tables. If you make a reservation they will write your name on your table with crayon.
A thing you’ll notice is the open kitchen, the nice thing about this is the smell of the food. Which is making you very excited to have a taste of their dishes.
The service is very good and the staff doesn’t bore you with stupid questions or mistakes. One of the waitresses even has a tattoo of the restaurant logo on her arm. That’s what I call a good connection with your work.
The food is very tasty and well portioned. We took the menu with three courses and this was very good. For every course you can choose between three of four dishes. The menu is mainly Dutch with fish and good meat.
I took the veal roast as a starter, the entrecote as main dish. Those tasted very good and the chocolate, strawberry and lemon ice cream where the perfect dessert to finish this good meal.
Overall this restaurant is very good and the place looks nice and kind of chic. The only negative thing I can imaging is the location which is not very central but well accessible.
Definitely worth to come back very soon!