Restaurant Daalder is located on the Lindengracht in the centre of the Jordaan district. It´s a real Amsterdam diner with an oldfashioned bar look but filled with young urban hipsters. If you planning to have a bite here make sure that you make reservations because from 6 till 10 all the tables are being served.  The staff are mostly students but they know that serving tables is a hard working business so the service is excellent. My beer glass was never empty for more then five minutes and we we’re sitting tucked away in the corner of the restaurant.

The menu has something for everybody and the ingredients are fresh and biological. You can have a greek salad, the carpaccio or the torro swordfish. You also have a course ‘ in between’, that’s a course between the starter and the main course, which serves ravioli, filled courgette or couqilles and lobster ( also served as a main). As a side salad you can order fries and vegetables. The main course got your always standard but good steak, vegetarian dish, seabass or gamba’s with allot of garlic!

A tip: If you make reservations get the late shift (after 9.00) so that you can relax and drink some more after dinner. In the weekend the place can get real crowded and fun!