For over 35 years Whisky Café L & B Amsterdam is well known. With over 1400 whiskys this is an unique place. For the non-whiskey drinker Whisky Café L & B is also a good venue. There are over 20 types of beers available and an extensive wine list. The kitchen is open for hot or cold snack.

When you enter this café you can’t stop looking at all the bottles: behind the bar, in old wooden closets, on the wall, everywhere! You can take place at the bar or look for a cozy corner where you can enjoy your special selected drink. The staff can tell you all about their products, it’s amazing how beautiful people can describe a certain taste or flavor.

Whisky tasting at the bar:
Whisky Tasting at the bar is also available. There are 12 whiskeys menus compiled by region and theme. The process is shown and a staff member gives information.

Whisky Tastings:
Whisky Café L & B provides whiskey tastings on location or in Whisky Café L & B in Amsterdam. There are several possibilities. Besides the famous “Circle Scotland”, you can also choose the “Islay and Jura Whisky Trail”.

In 2006 this bar was chosen to be the best whisky bar in the world!!