Too much stuff, an overflowing wardrobe, and unused talents?
Join the one day only trading zone Ruilplein for exchange without money on October 21th at the VOC Kade in Amsterdam!

Ruilplein (trading square) goes back to the true value of products. Everything can be exchanged: your microwave for an ice machine, a bike lock for a comic book, and plants for apple pie.

Are you a good singer or juggler, or do you give great organization advice? Offer your services. Trading is useful and practical, but above all a lot of fun. However, trading is not always easy; sometimes it requires quite a bit of effort and experience. Ruilplein offers a friendly environment in which to trade.

This fall, for the duration of two months, Mediamatic Fabriek will be transformed into an arena where people can swap goods, objects and services. It takes place at the Mediamatic Fabriek, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam.From 14.00 to 17.00.
Free entrance.


Fees : free