Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year is the greatest festivity of the year for the Chinese community in Amsterdam and across the globe. Amsterdam’s Chinese community recreates an authentic Chinese New year celebration with utmost zeal and splendor every year in late January or February. The date of occurrence is determined each year by referring to the solar and lunar calendars.

Chinese New Year is always marked by offerings at temples, food rituals and family gatherings. The celebration features traditional lion and dragon dances, flamboyant parades, bountiful feasts and spectacular fireworks at midnight. The parades in Amsterdam are musical and aloud with sounds of drums, gongs and cymbals. The color red is prominently used in the celebrations. The streets around Amsterdam’s Chinatown are covered with plenty of food stalls and street artists for the revelers to enjoy.

The Chinese New Year festivities at Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam are free for all. The celebration of Chinese New Year in Amsterdam is a beautiful sight to witness. It gives a sneak-peak into the old and artistic Chinese customs. The musical performances and shows are the highlight of the event and keep you entertained into the wee hours of the morning. Chinese New Year is the most appropriate time to make your acquaintance with Amsterdam’s Chinatown.

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