Tonight the money will fall out of the sky in the Vondelpark. To indicate that “the euro is a false coin” the Libertarian Party will spread  thousands ‘notes’ of 14 euros bills with a helicopter tonight.

Lijst 14 (the name of the party) is doing this election stunt to  indicate that the Netherlands should step out of the euro while she still can. One of their proposals is the co-admission of alternative currencies for example are based on gold or silver, because that brings discipline and a brake on the creation of money and credit out of nothing.

The Libertarian Party is participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections with the slogan “government is the problem, not the solution.” The party stands for more freedom, less government, and minimal taxation and regulatory burden. The action is a continuation of a previous action at the Dutch Central Bank when the party used a laser to project the word “bankrupt” on the bank.