It wasn’t really sure but we are pleased to tell you that on the 30th of April it’s time to celebrate the Queen her birthday in Amsterdam!! The 30th was originally Queen Juliana her birthday date, but Queen Beatrix choose to keep that day as queensday when she claimed the throne in 1980.

Orange is the color of Holland, everyone is dressed up in orange. Do you want to party among the locals? We suggest to get yourself a cool orange  outfit!

Unlike other years, where crowded (free) events took place at numerous locations in the city center. The city counsil chose to spread the party going people to the more outskirts of the city. This means that a couple of events that you where maybe used to visit don’t occur anymore. (Like the radio 538 event on the museumplein.)


Everywhere in Amsterdam there is something going on that day, we selected the best places for you:
Vondelpark – Vrijmarkt
Westerpark – Troonopvolgers
Jordaan – Blaffende vis/Cafe Nol
Amstelveld – Sounds from the loft
Java eiland – SLAM FM
Olympisch stadion – Qday festival


For the entire eventlist check out: koninginnedagamsterdam