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Crossroads Joint

Three way heaven! Okay, okay, it’s fiddly to make but you can use it again and again. Best of all, […]

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The Joker

A joint that seems to last forever, the joker is an extra large cone guaranteed to spread a grin from […]

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The Secret Agent

Joint-smoking often demands a little discretion. If you’re in need for a clandestine toke, roll yourself a Secret Agent and […]

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The Magic Carpet

Fly into fantasy on the ax Minster of your dreams! Popular in North Africa, where a cigarette segment is substituted […]

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Saturday Night Special

An undisputed classic well known to most smokers, the special is easy to roll and tolerates clumsy fingers. Everyone has […]

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The Knee Trembler

Perfect for skinning up in awkward situations, the Trembler is speedy, simple, uses only two papers and comes highly recommended. […]

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The Roach or Filter

Roaches don’t filter the smoke but they do allow it to flow, and smoke condenses in cylinders. A good roach […]

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Rolling a Joint

Most people reading this will be well practiced the art of rolling a decent, smokeable joint. However, for those with […]

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The Mixture

Getting the mix right is half the art of joint-rolling. There plenty of scope for choice but quantity is never […]

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