Buffy Summers’ main romantic relationships was in fact on vampires Angel and you can Spike

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Buffy always found deep, the amount of time relationship in lieu of everyday securities; sadly, she try usually interested in hazardous otherwise unobtainable males. When you find yourself revealing a painful reunion that have Angel along with her friend Willow Rosenberg, Buffy remarked: “Is not that where flames arises from? Can be a nice, safer relationships getting you to intense? I’m sure it is wild, however, element of myself thinks you to true love and passion provides commit hand in hand with discomfort and you will attacking.” [1]  The lady Watcher, Rupert Giles, in addition to commented one to Buffy’s connection with Angel and you can Increase is actually some poetic, just like the she, good Vampire Slayer, got her truest matchmaking which have people in bound enemy’s varieties. Buffy’s thinking for the romance changed as time passes once the she became a lot more adult and you can decided not to become influenced by boys. When broached because of the an envious Angel on this lady increasing relationship with Surge, Buffy acknowledge to your one to she was not in a position having a bona-fide, long-identity relationship, and you will came to the conclusion you to definitely she was still expanding right up and obtaining to know by herself. [2] She became much less active in her own sex life as the Sunnydale’s destruction, because the she are worried about other pursuits.


Before, Buffy try romantically associated with Pike, [3] just who she came across shortly in advance of she discover the lady label as Slayer. [4] Even though they initial disliked one another, because Buffy’s shallow valley girl direction clashed with Pike’s stability, [4] the 2 grew nearer immediately following dropping friends in order to Lothos and his awesome minions, and you can Pike fundamentally helped Buffy inside her beat of vampire queen. [3]

While in the the girl existence, Buffy generated numerous effort during the typical matchmaking with a high college or university guys, including Owen Thurman and Scott Guarantee, that have but their standing as Slayer always got back brand new ways. Alternatively, she discovered herself interested in brand new mystical Angel, an adult guy which cautioned the woman off following possibilities throughout the beginning of its relationship. Once Angel accidentally shown he was an excellent vampire, Buffy briefly looked for in order to kill him, but found that he had been book among their kind to have having a soul. The impractical combining of a beneficial vampire and you can Slayer is actually will mentioned to the. [5] Buffy at some point lost the girl virginity so you’re able to Angel, [6] and this caused the curse that had recovered his spirit to be broken. Buffy woke up by yourself the following day and you will is actually in the near future abused from the Angel. [7] Then invested tormented Buffy, threatening and you can eliminating somebody up to this lady. [8] [9] When their witch friend Willow try eventually able to restore his spirit that have wonders, Buffy are obligated to sacrifice your to end the nation off being pulled to your Acathla’s aspect. [10] Angel sooner returned to Environment and you can Buffy nursed your back once again to health. [11] The two had a shaky relationship, but Angel concluded that he was preventing Buffy of top a good every day life. The guy left their [12] and you will leftover Sunnydale. [13]

Adopting the Angel’s departure, Buffy made a hit a brick wall attempt within romance insurance firms a natural one-night-remain with pupil Parker Abrams. [14] She are devastated whenever Parker later on forgotten their and you will revealed that he only wanted to keeps good “good-time.” Once curing, she is pursued by the Riley Finn, a soldier and member of new Effort. Even when Riley sacrificed their field, body and you may loved ones are that have Buffy, the guy became frustrated with this lady unwillingness becoming truly unlock and you may insecure which have your, admitting to help you an astonished Xander one to regardless if Buffy try instance no other person he previously actually ever found, she didn’t like him. [15] Riley and additionally considered inferior alongside Angel, a fact that Spike managed to conclude as he claimed you to Buffy can simply truly love men which have dark within minds. [16] Even with their jobs to understand Buffy, she and Riley reduced drifted apart, and then he ultimately leftover Sunnydale in order to rejoin the brand new army.