‘Free housing for students provided complying with certain physical characteristics “can be read on the notes found on toilets of the VU campus in Amsterdam.

The university campus has to do with a nicely dressed man who is trying to recruit students. It’s not the first time the man has tried to lure girls.

On the website of Advalvas we can read how an employee of the University encountered a note on the toilet. “I saw an envelope in the clip for sanitary towels. There was a small note in. The message was that you could get housing. Free and for nothing, if you had certain physical characteristics. ”

According to Dijkstra, the woman lover is a redhead and wears casual clothes, he is estimated around 40 years old. Eight years ago, the man was already recognized when he was masturbating during one of the lessons. When he was cuaght by guards of the university, he quickly took off.

The perverse man wants his chances of spreading and hiding now are invitations to the University of Amsterdam.

Please watch out for this man!!

(source: www.advalvas.vu.nl)