The location of Boxpark in the Netherlands is final!

The pop-up shopping mall, consisting of containers, will settle in the summer of 2013 at the NDSM-shipyard in Amsterdam North.
Besides shops, there is also space for theater, music and pop-up cinemas.
Measuring 110 x 55 x 22 metres, this vast industrial shed will be transformed from a no-man’s land into a centre of retail and innovation. In total, 120 containers will be installed in the building and offered as creative spaces for small companies, fashion retailers, lifestyle brands, cafes and bars.
In London the pop-up shopping mall is already very popular and finally this phenomenon will come to Amsterdam.
It will have a wide range of fashion but also catering and entertainment, including DJs and bands.
Remarkable are the opening hours: the Boxpark is only open on weekends and probably ‘non-stop’ for 48 hours !!
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