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The coffee shops in Amsterdam won’t be shutting their doors to foreign visitors any time soon, a huge relief to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who enjoy a toke or two in the Dutch capital alongside their excursions on the canals and to the museums!

The weed pass is a legal monstrosity that has been in operation since may 1st 2012 in the South of Holland. Because of the introduction of the weed pass it was impossible for foreigners to visit the coffeeshops over there. The intention was that the weed pass would be introduced on January 1st 2013 throughout Holland (including Amsterdam). However, it became very clear that since the introduction a couple of months ago different cities in the south had a lot of problems with nuisance and crime, all thanks to the weed pass.

Is the weed pass going to be introduced throughout Holland on January 1st 2013? The Answer is Yes and No… After all negotiations the past weeks they have made the decision to stick with the weed pass, but in a slightly different form. But this is the most important thing for you… For Amsterdam an exception will be made!!!

The details are not all known yet, but the Mayor of Amsterdam has been lobbying with the minister of Security and Justice for a year now to spare Amsterdam; Not allowing tourists in the coffeeshops would have a drastic effect for tourists visiting the capital city of Amsterdam. More details will follow, but first we are going to light up a joint to celebrate this. So even after January 1st, 2013… you will be able to keep on scoring a huge bag of White Widow in the famous coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

We can celebrate in style with a hudge joint for now and of course we will keep you up to date when something changes!!