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Join Amsterdam for New Years Eve and count down to 2013!
New Year’s Eve is a riot of champagne, oliebollen (greasy deep-fried blobs of dough, apple and raisins), and tons and tons of scary fireworks that officially only go on sale the day before. Come midnight, people take to the streets (and bars, many of which only open at midnight) to celebrate.

The national New Year’s Eve party on Museumplein (Museum Square) that is broadcast to millions of home viewers on Dutch TV channel SBS6. Museumplein becomes the scene of an all-out street party complete with the only official fireworks spectacular in the city.
Smaller-scale, but no less festive parties take place on public squares across the city, such as the immensely popular celebrations on the Nieuwmarkt, the main square in Amsterdam Chinatown – a district whose penchant for fireworks is widely known.
Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein will also be in on the action, with music-driven celebrations both indoor and outdoors.

TrueAmsterdam created a tip and hints list:
– Most decent restaurants will be booked well ahead of time. Many are closed. Don’t expect to be able to call a day or two ahead and secure a table.
– Every bar in town will be packed. From around 7pm until the small hours expect it to be standing room only if you even manage to get into a bar. This is not the night to pop out for a quiet drink. Many bars will even charge for admission
–  You will not be able to walk into any club. They all run ticket only nights and usually get booked up long in advance
– Almost all public transport in Central Amsterdam grinds to a halt early evening on the 31st
– On New Years Day public transport will run a Sunday service. Many attractions, shops and restaurants will be closed
– The sale of fireworks is prohibited in the Netherlands – except for the few days before December 31 
– Check our event page for the best clubs, bars and festivals
– And ofcourse watch out that you don’t stumble into the line of fire!

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