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Movember !!

[nivo_slider source=”post” link=”image” size=”500×300″ limit=”10″ effect=”random” speed=”600″ delay=”3000″] So It’s nearly that time of the year again, get yourselves ready for […]

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Today we memorialize the Amsterdam Bijlmer disaster

Today precisely 20 years ago we still remember that a Boeing 747 drilled into two flats in the Amsterdam Bijlmer. The plain crash […]

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Pop-up shoppingmall Boxpark settles in Amsterdam!

The location of Boxpark in the Netherlands is final! The pop-up shopping mall, consisting of containers, will settle in the […]

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Hundreds of people in line for new iPhone 5 in Amsterdam!

Apple fans have already started lining up at night for the iPhone 5 at the flagship Apple Store on the […]

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Autumn in Amsterdam!

The fall in Amsterdam is one of the best times to go – the weather is still pleasant, especially in […]

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Amsterdam a world leader on electric transport!

Amsterdam has the largest urban charging network for electric cars in the world. Drivers can go to 320 points to […]

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Amsterdam postponed closure of 26 coffeeshops !

The Amsterdam town council decided to wait with closing or moving of 26 coffeeshops in the Amsterdam Red Light District. […]

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Lady Gaga turns into Lady Ganja!

We already know that gaga sometimes did a little coke back in the day, but she doesn’t want to encourage […]

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Reopening of Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum coming saturday!

On Saturday, September 22, Her Majesty the Queen will open the new Stedelijk. Beginning Sunday, September 23, the museum will be open […]

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