Revolution 909 is a new festival in the Amsterdam area. The 2011 edition was the first edition in the ‘Amsterdamse bos’ in the south of Amsterdam.  The festival is a tribute to the drum machine Roland 909 which was revolutionary for techno music. If you visit the website you can even make your own techno beat with an online R909! The area is just big enough for 1909 persons, not a strange number if you look at the name of the festival. The price of the ticket also relates to the title; 19,09 euro for early birds and 29,09 euro for a regular ticket.  There is one entrance, one stage, one toilet, two bars and one foodpoint.  The big advantage of a small festival like these is there are no lines to get in and practically no lines for drinks, food and the toilet.
DJ’s on deck for the 2011 edition were Umek, Ramon Tapia, Bart Skills, Gregor Tresher, Christian Smith, Remy and Vincent Watson. The DJ’s timetable was built up to start with the more deep techhouse with Bart Skills and Ramon Tapia and during the day the harder style of techno with Gregor Tresher and Umek. The cool thing was that every DJ prepared his DJ – set with use of the R-909 drum computer.
The festival area was pretty crowded around 3 pm but not packed. You could walk around without taking a detour to the bar which is a relief for a festival in the Netherlands. The quality of the sound and music is really good and the people are there for the music and to have a good time. If you like the deephouse techno more make sure that you come in at the beginning of the festival. When you dig the harder style more come in around 4 pm when the rpm’s are being pushed.
This festival is being held around middle of June so when you are in Amsterdam make sure you get your tickets!