Sapori del mondo is an Italian delicacies shop where you can also buy fresh sandwiches and freshly made pasta. You can find Sapori about 100 metres from the entrance from Amsterdam’s zoo Artis. You can lunch in or do take away.

They have a large selection of all sorts of sandwiches. All sandwiches and most ingredients are being made fresh the same day which you can taste in the quality of the food. If you feel like a warm lunch or take away for dinner this is also the place to be.

Everyday the owner, an Italian from the north, makes his lasagna, papardelle, ravioli or spaghetti fresh. I get my lunch here almost every week and I have to say I haven’t discovered a better delicacy shop when it comes to fresh tastefull pasta’s. You can also buy quality pasta’s, tomato sauce and other Italian ingredients. The prices are a bit higher then average but it’s worth your money!