PAN Amsterdam is for over 25 years the most important national fair for art, antique and design.

PAN Amsterdam is a mecca for art-lovers with an individual style. A modern-day art fair that provides surprise, variety and quality. A journey through time, it covers every possible manifestation of art and design—from a statue from Classical Antiquity to designer objects by Studio Job, from contemporary art and photography to Old Masters—this is what makes PAN Amsterdam so special. On one day and under one roof you can see the past and the present of numerous art disciplines happily coexisting. Visit PAN Amsterdam to admire art, to discuss it and learn about it or, better still, to buy your own work of art.

Each work of art is extensively vetted for quality, authenticity and condition by more than eighty experts before the fair opens. Enjoying art, top quality and buying with confidence—that’s what PAN Amsterdam is all about. This is why more than 50,000 art lovers and professional and private collectors come to PAN Amsterdam every November. In 2012 the fair runs from 18-25 November in the RAI – Parkhal (hall 8).


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