Parking in Amsterdam P+R (Park & Ride) is the smartest way for visitors to Amsterdam to park. These car parks are located on the outskirts of the city and have an excellent public transport connection. Public transport brings you right into the center of Amsterdam in no time.

Parking in Amsterdam in a P+R car park only costs € 8,00 per 24 hours – with a maximum parking time of 96 hours. This fee includes public transport to the center of Amsterdam for a maximum of five people.

P+R locations

P+R Sloterdijk
P+R Bos en Lommer
P+R Olympisch Stadion
P+R ArenA
P+R Zeeburg I and P+ R Zeeburg II
P+R World Fashion Center
P+R Gaasperplas


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“Added by Stefaan”

Avoid P&R Bos and Lommer at all costs.

Our car was broken into at this parking lot, despite no valuables being visible in the car (the only valuable, a GPS in the glove compartiment, was stolen). On the same night more than 5 other cars were broken into; the floor was covered in broken glass.

They actually have an industrial vacuum cleaner to suck up the broken car glass because it happens so often there. The police office nearby confirmed that they have multiple break in reports daily from this parking lot. Do note that despite the tv-screens and security cameras which may lead you to believe the parking is (partially) guarded, it is not at all guarded. Also, there are multiple cameras on the top level, but not a single one on the bottom level; almost all break ins happen on the bottom level.

Do not use this parking lot!