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Monthly archive July, 2012

7 Dutch foods you should try at least once!

Foods of the Netherlands may not be as well-known as French or Chinese cuisines but there are many Dutch delights […]

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First Dutch film “Anne Frank”

30-07-2012 | We finally get our first Dutch Anne Frank film. The intention is that the film will be released in […]

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Parking meters turning “gay” during Pride Week

27-07-2012 | Normally the cards are red, but during the nine-day Gay Pride event tickets will have pink colors. On […]

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American tourist most generous

23-07-2012 | Of all the tourists who stay in Amsterdam in 2011 the Americans spend on a average the most […]

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Going to Amsterdam and want to get around fast and green?

23-07-2012 | Since 2011 it’s possible in Amsterdam to “grab” one of the 300 electric smart cars which are parked […]

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“Weedpass disaster for tourists”

20-07-2012 | The introduction of the weedpass next year will lead to vacanties in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. According to Jan Goos, president of […]

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