Door 74 is a very exclusive cocktail bar in Amsterdam, where you need to have a table reservation to get in. What makes this cocktailbar exclusive starts with the entrance. Cocktailbar 74 is so exclusive that even we can’t tell you it’s exact location but when you arrive in the area of Rembrandtplein, you don’t see anything from the outside which looks like a cocktail bar. There is no sign or  an open door, only the house number 74  and a door bell.

When you have made your reservation, you’ll have to be there on time or somebody else takes your seat. Entering the bar you’ll see why this is a popular bar for the real Amsterdam locals. It has a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere. When we arrived, the bar was already crowded  at 10pm. Don’t expect to sit and drink cocktails all evening. Because it’s a small bar and very popular, you can stay here for like an hour and a half.

Door 74 has a variety of very good cocktails which you can choose from and are shown on a menu when you enter the bar. The cocktails are categorized from light to strong and price for a cocktail vary from €12,50 to €17,50 for the strongest.  It looks a bit pricy but the quality of the cocktails is very good and it’s definitely not a standard kind of cocktail you can get at any bar. When you have two good cocktails it’s good to move on to party in a club or bar nearby.

If you have the chance to make a reservation, please visit this bar for a good cocktail. Don’t worry, if you make reservations they will tell you where you need to go to find this great bar!